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Continuous Delivery with Jenkins and Docker

If you’ve ever wondered how to actually build a continuous delivery pipeline for your project this is going to be the ultimative guide. I will tell you how you can build a continuous delivery pipeline from ground up. The pipeline will make heavy use of Jenkins together with Docker to provide a stable platform to […]

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Speed up development with vagrant

Maybe you know this situation: Coming to a new project often requires to install a lot of stuff. Databases, Web servers, Dependencies and all the other stuff is starting to clutter your workstation. If you switch often between projects or you just want to try out a new technology for some days this could be […]

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Injecting properties in Java EE applications

In almost any application there are some settings that must be read from somewhere to configure the application. User names or IP addresses are great examples for such settings. To use settings is the standard procedure to make software configurable. There are many possibilities that one can use to achieve this. One example would be […]

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IIS Error 500 ExtensionlessUrlHandler

I’ve recently encountered the following error in my IIS after starting a (previously) working ASP .NET application: Handler “ExtensionlessUrlHandler-Integrated-4.0” has a bad module “ManagedPipelineHandler” in its module list (or in German: Der Handler “ExtensionlessUrlHandler-Integrated-4.0” weist das ungültige Modul “ManagedPipelineHandler” in der Modulliste auf) The error appeared after a fresh reinstall of Windows. After a lot […]

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C# How to force decimal precision in xml serialization

Recently, I’ve tried to serialize some xml in c# and stumbled accross the problem that I had to force the precision scale of decimal values. By default the XmlSerializer uses the exact value of the underlying decimal value while serializing to xml. That means, if you assign 2 to a decimal value your xml will […]

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Openkeepass: Java API for KeePass 2.x

KeePass is a well known password safe for your passwords. It has a lot of features, proved security and is really a good way of storing your passwords and login information. Personally, I’m using KeePass for a long time now. Java API for KeePass However, sometimes there is a need that you have to access […]

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How to convert files in a directory from windows to unix

I you copy files from windows to a unix system, you have to take care about the line endings. This is a quicktip how you can convert all files in a directory from windows to unix line endings. You need the program dos2unix, if it’s not installed on your system you can install it with […]

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Parse XML files with Groovy

Have you ever wondered how to parse a XML document with Groovy? Assume that we have the following xml stored in the file notes.xml: <notes>     <note>         <to>John</to>         <from>Kyle</from>         <heading>Reminder</heading>         <body>Don’t forget me this weekend!</body>     </note> […]

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McLaren P1

“The McLaren P1 is a road car, not a racing car. But it does happen to be a road car that is so much more exciting than many of the racing cars that have been built!”

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Analyze and Visualize your Azure Logfiles with Alfa

I’ve been using Microsoft’s Cloud Platform Azure for several years now. Azure has built in logging support which can be used by applications deployed to Azure. Logging is as simple as calling one of the methods from the System.Diagnostics.Trace class. Trace.TraceInformation();   Trace.TraceWarning();   Trace.TraceError() All these logging information will NOT be stored in a […]

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