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Java 9 Private Interface Methods

This is another post about a new feature in Java 9. Today, we will talk about interfaces. Private Interface Methods Since Java 8 it is possible to use default methods in interfaces. These methods allowed us to implement functionality directly into an interface method. However, interface methods neededed to use one of the following visibility […]

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Java 9 Diamond Operator and anonymous classes

This is another post about a new feature in Java 9. Today, I will show you that you can use the diamond operator along with anonymous classes. Diamond Operator We all know about the Diamond Operator since Java 7. It allows us to leave out the generic type on the right side of an expression. […]

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Java 9 Collection Initializer

Finally, after 3 years of waiting Java 9 has reached the world. This major release was delayed several times due to the integration of its famous modularization feature called “Project Jigsaw”. But besides that major feature, Java 9 contains several other minor improvements which make the life of a programmer easier but are not that […]

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