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Log request body with Spring Boot

Recently, one of my spring boot applications was running into a severe internal server error. I’ve tried to debug the issue but had a really hard time because I had no clue what the actual JSON payload of the problematic HTTP request was. The HTTP headers were not much of a help because the issue […]


Authentication with Spring Boot, Angular 2 and Keycloak

Last year, I wrote about how to[integrate AngularJS with Keycloak]. However, in the meantime many things have changed. There are new major versions for every used technology, Angular 2 is final and has continued the successful path of its predecessor AngularJS. Because the concepts of Angular 2 have changed so much, I’ve thought it […]

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CORS with Keycloak and Spring Boot

A quick tip regarding Keycloak, Spring Boot and some kind of JavaScript UI technology. When you’re trying to connect a JavaScript UI like Angular to a backend which is secured by Keycloak you have to be aware of CORS. I’m pretty sure you already know this. However, there is a common pitfall, you have to […]


Authentication with Spring Boot, AngularJS and Keycloak

Update There is a new version of this tutorial available for Angular 2 and Keycloak. Intro In this tutorial, I want to show you how to combine Keycloak with AngularJS and Spring Boot. The result will be a small application where you will get a frontend written in AngularJS and the big topics regarding authentication […]

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