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Authentication with Spring Boot, AngularJS and Keycloak

In this tutorial, I want to show you how to combine Keycloak with AngularJS and Spring Boot. The result will be a small application where you will get a frontend written in AngularJS and the big topics regarding authentication like user-registration, password reset, login page etc. are already solved. The backend is implemented with Spring […]


Test Request-Scoped Beans with Spring

Spring makes it very easy to write test with jUnit. There are a lot of helpers like SpringJUnit4ClassRunner which allows you to write tests for spring-managed objects. But assume you have a web application and you have annotated most of your beans/controllers with @Scope(“request”) or @Scope(“session”). If you try to write a test for this […]


Roles & Permissions with Spring-Security 3

The Spring-Security approach to model roles and permissions is, in my opinion, very strange. In fact, out of the box you have either an overly simple approach with just users and roles, or a very complex heavy weigh approach with security on every domain object instance. The most common requirement for security that I come […]

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Custom login page with JSF and Spring-Security 3

Spring-Security is great, but it is mostly used together with spring-mvc. It works well with JSF also but there are a few pitfalls, you can come across if you haven’t used spring-security with JSF before. In this tutorial I will explain how to provide a custom login page implemented in JSF for spring-security. Requirements You […]