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Introduction to QueryDSL

If you’ve ever used the JPA criteria API, you probably know its drawbacks:

  • less readable
  • very verbose
  • very ugly

Fortunately since some time there is QueryDSL around, which targets to solve this pain. QueryDSL is a framework that provides you with a simple and fluent api as an alternative to the JPA criteria api. Besides this, it’s still type-safe and very simple to use.


Ok, just let’s go through a simple example. Let’s assume we have the following person entity.

public class Person {

    private Long id;
    private String firstname;
    private String surname;
    Person() {
    public Person(String firstname, String surname) {
        this.firstname = firstname;
        this.surname = surname;
        //getter & setter


If we want to find persons by their firstname with the JPA criteria API the query would look something like this:

public List<Person> findPersonsByFirstnameJPA(String firstname) {
        CriteriaBuilder queryBuilder = em.getCriteriaBuilder();
        CriteriaQuery<Person> criteriaQuery = queryBuilder.createQuery(Person.class);
        Root<Person> rootQuery = criteriaQuery.from(Person.class);
        CriteriaQuery<Person> select =;
        Predicate p = queryBuilder.equal(rootQuery.get(Person_.firstname), firstname);
        TypedQuery<Person> typedQuery = em.createQuery(criteriaQuery);
        return typedQuery.getResultList();

Not very intuitive, right? Try to remember that piece of code after one week not using the criteria api. It’s just a nightmare. It’s getting worse if you work with joins…

Ok, but now let’s have a look at the same query written with QueryDSL.

public List<Person> findPersonsByFirstnameQueryDSL(String firstname) {
        JPAQuery query = new JPAQuery(em);
        QPerson person = QPerson.person;
        return query.from(person).where(person.firstname.eq(firstname)).list(person);

That’s all? Yeah, it’s much much better than the JPA criteria API. Very simple, intuitive and easy to remind.

How can I add QueryDSL to my project?

I assume, that you’re using maven to build your project. To use QueryDSL, you have to add the QueryDSL dependencies to your pom.xml:

        <!-- QueryDSL -->



In addition to that, you have to add a maven plugin to your pom.xml to allow QueryDSL to generate some meta-classes for you (that are the classes with the Q-prefix).

            <!-- QueryDSL plugin -->

After that, you can let the maven plugin compile the meta-classes which occurs during the default maven compile process:

mvn clean compile


Now you can use QueryDSL to create some fancy simple sql queries. QueryDSL offers some more, like filtering lists and so on. For further information please have a look at the QueryDSL documentation.


You can find a full working example at GitHub.

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