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Openkeepass: Android Support

Finally, openkeepass version 0.6.0 is out and its major feature in this version is the Android support.

The whole Xml serialization core was rewritten and now uses the Android friendly Simple XML Api.

Release Notes of openkeepass v0.6.0


  • Fixed an issue that could bring the password of an entry into illegal state.
  • Fixed circular reference that occured when moving an entry multiple times to history.
  • Fixed incorrect data check in HashedBlockInputStream.
  • Fixed invalid placeholder in CrsAlgorithm.
  • Fixed leak of resources.
  • Changed

  • Changed XML library from JAXB to SimpleXML (Android support)
  • Changed crypto library from BouncyCastle to SpongyCastle (Android support)
  • Added

  • Contracts between builders and domain objects to support loose coupling
  • KeePass files can now be cloned by using cloneKeePassFile() in GroupZipper
  • GroupBuilder can now add and remove a list of entries
  • Times support in EntryBuilder
  • A lot of refactoring under the hood
  • Removed

  • getZippper() from KeePassFileBuilder
  • Where can I get it

    You can download it with maven or directly from GitHub.

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